1. Melting FORMcard using hot water 

  1. Use boiling or hot water (for water that has just been boiled, leave to cool for a couple of minutes) 

  2. Drop your FORMcard into the water and leave for 2 minutes

  3. Check whether your FORMcard has softened (Use a metal spoon to gently test if it is soft)

  4. When ready, retrieve your FORMcard using a metal spoon 

  5. Your FORMcard is ready to use


3. Remelting lumps 

  1. Pour boiling or hot water into a cup or jug and leave to cool for a couple of minutes

  2. Place your FORMcard into the water and leave to soften

  3. Test the edges of your FORMcard, if they are soft, remove from the water and smooth with your hands. If they are not soft, place back into the hot water and repeat this step.

  4. Place your lump back into hot water and repeat step 3. Work methodically to smooth out your FORMcard.

  • For particularly stubborn or dense lumps you may need to repeat this step several times! 

2. What tools and equipment to use 

  • Glass jug, cup or ceramic bowl - perfect to pour your hot water into

  • Ceramic or glass plate - It is good to have a surface to work on which your FORMcard won't stick to!

  • Metal spoon - Use a spoon to retrieve your FORMcard from hot water 

  • Cold water - Having a bowl or cup of cold water to hand will speed up the FORMcard cooling process so you can work quickly

  • FORMcard will still to other plastics so it is best to avoid containers or tools which are plastic (unless of course you want FORMcard to stick to them!)




4. Making your FORMcard into smaller sections: Using Scissors

  1. Submerge the section of FORMcard that you want in hot water 

  2. Leave to soften

  3. Once the section has softened, remove from the hot water

  4. Cut the section using scissors 

Using metal cookie cutters

  1. Submerge your FORMcard in hot water

  2. Leave to soften

  3. Once your FORMcard has softened, remove from the hot water

  4. Smooth your FORMcard out into a larger surface (it can be helpful to do this against a glass plate)

  5. Press your chosen cutter firmly into the FORMcard ‚Äč

  6. You can now remove the cut section

  • If the cutter has not gone all the way through the material you can use scissors to cut around the indent