4. Taking moulds/impressions

  • FORMcard will allow you to take accurate impressions and moulds of most object

  • Heat FC and place onto/around your chosen object

  • Leave to cool

  • Remove and you have an accurate mould of your object 

1. Heating FORMcard using a hairdryer

  • Use a hairdryer to give a targeted burst of heat and to soften your FORMcard

3. Sticking FORMcard to other plastics

  • FORMcard will stick to some plastics, making it a perfect fix for things such as plastic fridge drawers or tubs

  • Before using FORMcard, test a small amount on the plastic object you wish to fix to make sure that the two materials will stick together

2. Sticking FORMcard to FORMcard

  • Stick different sections of FORMcard together to make a more complicated solution

  • You need to make sure that you stick the two parts together while they are both still hot so that they will bond