FORMcard was created by founder Peter Marigold who discovered the amazing power of thermoplastics following a French workshop that he held with students in Boisbuchet . Peter wanted to create a useable form of the thermoplastic, which is typically supplied in granulated form. The granules are difficult to work with as they must be heated and squashed together to be useable, which can be painful and often results in a lot of waste. By redesigning the material into a flat, credit card sized form in many beautiful colours to inspire use in many different situations, FORMcard was created.


Peter Marigold launched FORMcard on Kickstarter in November 2015, the campaign reached its funding target within the first 24 hours and is now sold globally to customers, retailers and distributors from all over the world. The versatile, handy and fun nature of FORMcard has made it an everyday item which has proved immensely popular, allowing people to make, fix and mend the world around them. Go to our FORMcard uses page for ideas of how you can use FORMcard or check out our HOW TO section for tips and tricks. 

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FORMcards are instant. When they're cool, they're ready to use, so you can fix things quickly in emergency situations, like when a handle breaks on a tool, or a button falls off your jacket. 

They are strong like nylon, so they can be used for long lasting solutions, such as making hooks in your workshop to hold tools, or pans in your kitchen. 

FORMcards are reusable, so if you don't like what you've made, or if you're finished with a project, you can just melt it back down again and use it for something else. Great for making new toys as your kids grow up!

FORMcards stick to some other plastics when they are very hot and sticky. So if you take them straight out of a cup of hot water you can use them to fix broken plastic toys, tools, or anything that normally gets thrown away that they will stick to. This might be something small like a favourite plastic shovel while on holiday, or saving something larger like a cracked fridge drawer. They can even be used to fuse onto the plastic of a broken car wing mirror so keep a black one in your glove compartment for emergencies!

FORMcards are made from a starch based bio-plastic that is totally non-toxic. We have worked closely with both the chemical company, the moulders and even the colorant suppliers to ensure this is the case. 

FORMcards fit in your wallet and they fit in a cup, so you can take them and use them anywhere you can find hot water. They're quick, clean, simple, instant and fun to use.

FORMcards are made in loads of lovely colours which makes them fun to use in different situations, like camo green for foresty people, fluo orange for high visibility fixes or simple primary red, yellow, blue to mix your own colours. We will also soon be releasing crazy mutant mixed colours for people into zombie apocalypse / alien invasions...... Oh, and of course we also have black, white and grey for more understated situations.